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Recorded before the movie came out, Wingard's feature-length yakker is fittingly breathless. Much of it pertains to his roots in low-budget filmmaking, which served him well on a production that often struggled to subsidize its creators' whims. In other words, lots of repurposing of props and footage took place. Wingard even drew the fake children's drawings instead of leaving it in the art department's hands. He takes credit for the idea of the magic axe, and says his "main drive" in making the film was to see Godzilla fight Kong in "a synth-wave neon city." Godzilla vs. Kong is pretty much what you'd expect from the director of The Guest and the same goes for this yak-track, a frequent shopping list of references to '80s pop culture. (I did enjoy the Norm Macdonald-ish dis on Mecha Godzilla as "the biggest jerk ever.") That's it for extras on the 4K platter, but the retail Blu-ray bundled with it (along with a digital code for download) contains a grab-bag of HD featurettes divided into sections dubbed "The God"--"Godzilla Attacks" (6 mins.), "The Phenomenon of Gojira: King of the Monsters" (10 mins.), and "The Rise of Mechagodzilla" (7 mins.)--and "The King." (The latter contains "Kong Leaves Home" (8 mins.), "Kong Discovers Hollow Earth" (8 mins.), "Behold Kong's Temple" (6 mins.), and "The Evolution of Kong: Eighth Wonder of the World" (8 mins.).) There are also three segments on the "Battles"--"Round One: Battle at Sea" (5 mins.), "Round Two: One Will Fall" (6 mins.), and "Titan Tag Team: The King and the God" (8 mins.)--that mainly offer fight commentary from executive producer Jay Ashenfelter.

King Kong 1080p Download Torrentl



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