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How To Give A Clan Member A Clan Chest In Pixel Gun 3D =LINK=

It's really easy (if you're not farming the black market of course)! All you have to do is open the war map, scroll for an easy task, pick a suitable loadout and complete it! Then when you finish it, continue doing more while you can. Just pick the easy tasks, i.e. to kill players with certain weapon and capture points (leave the hard ones for your other clanmates). Those are typically the best tasks. The wall break with sniper tasks are also pretty straightforward. You just go to an unlikely part of the map, wait for the X-ray module to charge on your sniper, and then shoot everyone while you can! I haven't exactly tried that yet but it does seem viable. Even if that won't do, then just get the X-Ray glasses. They should last long enough.

How to give a clan member a clan chest in Pixel Gun 3D


If you save up 45K silver and open it on 3 mega chests you immediately get the super chest! You also get 1K coins and a whole ton of clan weapon parts! Heck, wait for a clan chest point booster and then get two super chests instead of one! 45K looks like a pain in the neck, but it is definitely possible to get. This method actually helps get clan weapons faster! That's because when the game gets you parts for clan weapons, it gives you parts for weapons you have the least parts for. But the super chest tries its best to do the opposite! Its also basically a free mega chest!

What I do is play every single gamemode for x2 reward and play campaign. You get 2 times more experience and coins. Also, play arena. Get the lucky chests and open novice chests. They give 10 coins if you land on it, which is a pretty high possibility. Also spend 270 coins to make a gem creator you get one gem a day then make a coin maker to get 3 coins a day for a cost of 85 gems. They will earn you a fortune someday.

Dino Races are competitions where your Tribe Clan competes with other tribe clans. Each member in your clan can complete a certain number of quests. Each quest gives a specific amount of points. When a player has completed all the free quests, he/she has the option to buy additional quests for (5+6+7+8+9+10+11). However, there is also a limit to the number of quests that can be bought with gems, which depends on the League of your clan.

Races start on Wednesdays and last 5 days. You can see the dates and times of the races, in progress or not, by clicking on the clan button, on the red banner at the bottom of the window that is displayed (clan, quests and race tabs).

Rewards are always given on Monday at 9:00 AM (Coordinated Universal Time), even if your clan finishes the race early. A Dino Race ends when all the milestones have been reached. All participating members of a clan that finishes in first place will receive 15. Participating members of clans who reach the second and third places will receive 8 and 5 respectively. On the other hand, players who have not completed at least one quest in the race will receive none of the rewards.

The race only will begin for your clan (after it's launched generally), when the first member starts to complete the first quest. You also only will be grouped with other clans then. You can play and even dump race quests without risk.This is the first opportunity for a good partnership strategy.

Each race consists of a max of 10 clans. When a race is full, a new will begin and so forth. So, when a clan checks in and grabs the first quest they will be assigned the next available spot in a race. Sometimes you're lucky and it is a brand new race, sometimes you're not so lucky and the race has been going on for a while, you can never predict the other clans actions, it depends on luck ;)

The tables below shows the points required to reach chests for different numbers of players in the clan. The 6th chest is available from Stone League onward, 7th from Rune League and 8th from Gold League. The 9th chest is available only in the Gem/Crystal League.

As quests are no more than 190 points, a single player can only reach the last 9th chest in Gem League by purchasing additional quests with gems.When a clan has 4 or more members and competes in a crystal league, the average points for each player must be 1750 to reach the 9th chest. Seasoned players can of course make more points to make things easier for weaker players, or to try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible and thus rank on the podium. 350c69d7ab


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