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Bentley Ram Concept V8i 14 \/\/TOP\\\\

Question: I have modeled a sample cantilever and applied a seismic joint weight at the tip but after performing the seismic analysis per IBC 2012 code, I am getting the Rayleigh Time period (T) calculated by Staad as 1.795 sec for seismic load generation whereas on invoking the CALCULATE RAYLIEGH FREQUENCY in the seismic load case, Staad reports different Rayleigh Time period of 1.26 sec.

Bentley Ram Concept V8i 14


The ISM SDK documentation has been updated with piping interfaces new in 6.0. Coding samples are also now available that demonstrate how to build a structure using the ISM API. For more information on the ISM SDK, please contact Josh Taylor at

Are those losses applied at the same time in Ram concept as the other short term losses in the Balanced Load layer? Now this would mean that the load history deflections are using a different load path than the actual one (or theoretical load path) and since they are applied sooner than they supposed to, they would over estimate the deflections (since this analysis is nonlinear). Isn't that right? 350c69d7ab


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