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How Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b Can Boost Your Security and Productivity

Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b: A Powerful and Flexible Video Management Solution

If you are looking for a reliable, scalable and user-friendly video management software (VMS) for your large-scale or high-security installation, you might want to consider Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b. This VMS is designed to handle complex video surveillance scenarios with ease and efficiency. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the key features and benefits of Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b and show you how it can help you achieve your security and operational goals.

milestone xprotect enterprise 8.0b

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What is Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b?

Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b is a VMS that allows you to manage an unlimited number of cameras, servers and sites from a single interface. It is part of the Milestone XProtect platform, which is an open platform that supports over 13,000 devices from more than 100 manufacturers. You can also integrate XProtect with third-party applications and systems, such as access control, analytics, IoT devices and more.

Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b is designed for large-scale or high-security installations, such as airports, cities, federal institutions and more. It offers end-to-end protection of video integrity, built-in video wall functionality, support for failover recording servers and edge storage, proactive system health monitoring and push notifications. It also provides a native 64-bit Windows implementation recording engine with RAM-based pre-buffering for a minimum recording rate of 3.1 Gbit/s and supports NVIDIA and Intel GPU for unparalleled performance, lower CPU load and significant savings.

What are the benefits of Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b?

Some of the benefits of using Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b are:

  • Reliability: You can avoid downtime or data loss with proven technology based on Milestones 25 years of market experience. You can also ensure continuous operation and uninterrupted access to video with edge storage and failover servers support.

  • Scalability: You can accept no limitations on your video capabilities with an open platform that can be adapted as your needs develop. You can also expand your installation with compatible software, hardware and services from Milestone Marketplace.

  • User-friendliness: You can gain full control over all your software and hardware with a complete and intuitive overview that allows easy collaboration. You can also access your video from desktop computer and mobile device clients.

  • Security: You can ensure end-to-end protection of video integrity with encryption, digital signing, watermarking and tampering detection. You can also get notified whenever something in the system requires your attention with push notifications.

How to install Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b?

To install Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b on a client PC, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the installation file from the Milestone website or use the installation DVD.

  • Run the installation file as an administrator.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

  • Launch the XProtect Smart Client from the Start menu or desktop shortcut.

  • Enter the server name or IP address, username and password to connect to the server.

  • Enjoy your video surveillance system.

If you encounter any error during the installation process, you can use the Milestone Diagnostics tool to troubleshoot the issue. You can also contact Milestone support for further assistance.

How to use Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b?

Once you have installed Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b on your server and client PCs, you can start using it to monitor and manage your video surveillance system. The main interface for accessing your video is the XProtect Smart Client, which is a powerful and user-friendly application that allows you to view live and recorded video, control cameras, search for events, export evidence and more.

To use the XProtect Smart Client, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch the XProtect Smart Client from the Start menu or desktop shortcut.

  • Enter the server name or IP address, username and password to connect to the server.

  • Select a view from the Navigation Bar on the left side of the screen. A view is a collection of cameras and other items that you can arrange and customize according to your preferences.

  • Use the Playback Bar at the bottom of the screen to control the playback of recorded video. You can also use the Timeline to navigate through different time periods and see when video is available.

  • Use the Search tab on the Navigation Bar to perform various types of searches, such as Smart Search, Motion Search, Sequence Explorer and more. You can also use the Alarm Manager to view and handle alarms that are triggered by events in your system.

  • Use the Tools tab on the Navigation Bar to access additional features, such as Smart Map, Smart Wall, Bookmark Manager and more. You can also use the Options dialog to configure your personal settings and preferences.

  • Use the Export tab on the Navigation Bar to export video and images as evidence. You can also add comments, watermarks and encryption to your exports.

If you want to learn more about how to use the XProtect Smart Client, you can access the online documentation or download manuals and guides from the Milestone website. You can also watch some video tutorials on the Milestone customer training portal.

What are the reviews of Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b?

Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b is a well-known and widely used VMS that has received many positive reviews from customers and experts. According to Gartner Peer Insights, XProtect has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 34 ratings. Most reviewers praised the reliability, scalability, user-friendliness and security of the product, as well as its open platform architecture and integration capabilities. Some of the comments from reviewers are:

"My overall experience with XProtect is satisfactory. I am using it to protect employees and assets of our organization and must say it is working amazingly. With this now we are able to see each and every corner thanks to its camera and amazing software."

"The software gets better and better every time it is updated as if developers knew in advance what the user needed. It is a very manageable and intuitive system."

"Milestones search capabilities are very sophisticated. They have reduced the time it takes us to find specific footage by around 95 percent, allowing us to pinpoint a specific time across all our camera streams accurately and quickly."

However, some reviewers also pointed out some drawbacks or challenges of using XProtect, such as high licensing costs, poor motion detection system, complex device pack updates, lack of support and documentation, and compatibility issues with some cameras or firmware versions . Some of the comments from reviewers are:

"You cant easily get hold of Milestone and we have to depend on their Youtube videos mostly."

"Motion detection system is very poor, results in WAY too many false positives compared to competitors. Clouds, sunshine, shadows, glares, camera moving the slightest bit, etc.. You'll spend hours tuning and tweaking each camera and still be stuck with unsatisfactory results."

"Separate device pack installs and updates are necessary over the life of the product which are often riddled with bugs. And these device packs are usually only compatible with specific firmware versions on the camera/encoder hardware."

Overall, Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b is a powerful and flexible VMS that can meet the needs of large-scale or high-security installations, but it also requires careful planning, configuration and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and security.

How much does Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b cost?

Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b is a perpetual license product, which means that you pay a one-time fee for the software and then own it forever. However, you also need to pay for annual software updates and support plans, called Care Plus and Care Premium, to keep your system up to date and secure.

The cost of Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0b depends on the number of cameras and servers you want to connect to the system, as well as the features and integrations you need. The price also varies depending on the region and the reseller you buy from. However, as a general estimate, you can expect to pay around $199 per camera license, plus the cost of the server license and the Care plans.

To get an accurate quote for your specific installation, you can contact a Milestone reseller or partner in your area. You can also request a free pilot or a free trial to test the product before you buy it. b99f773239


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