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Fun & Creativity


Our preschool program offers a monthly science program to our 4's and TK classrooms.  What will they learn?  Learn more about the science program here!


Children in the 2's, 3's, 4's, and TK classrooms travel to visit Ms. Patty monthly for music!  Learn more about our music program!


Our preschool families can visit our church's amazing library anytime throughout the year.  Click below to learn more about DUMC's library.

In-House Field Trips

Our 3's, 4's and TK classes experience a handful of in-house field trips throughout the school year.  Check out who visits us!!


All classes visit the Chapel and receives a monthly lesson from our director, Diane Jordan.  Grab the calendar here!

Outside Play

Each day, our children enjoy 30 minutes of playground time. The playground offers emotional, social, mental and physical benefits.  Increased self-esteem,  improved collaboration skills, enhanced critical thinking and a strengthen immune system are just a few benefits children gain from playground time.  

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