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Our Science Program


Meet Our Science Teachers!

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Ms. Pat and Ms. Lauren have been with DUMC Preschool for over 20 years.  As co-teachers, they have combined their love of science to create a new science program for our 4 year-old and TK classes.  Our students visit science one time a month for a hands-on learning experience!

Our Program

Just as listening to stories, and learning the alphabet introduces young children to the world of literacy, inquire science gives children the building blocks to learn how to observe their world, ask questions, and solve problems


Scientific Method

Each Science class focuses on the 7 steps of the Scientific Method:

  • Ask a question

  • Research

  • Create a hypothesis

  • Test your hypothesis through an experiment

  • Make an observation

  • Analyze results and draw a conclusion

  • Present the findings


Areas of Focus

Each month , the class focuses on a specific topic related to the world around us.

A few examples of the topics covered are:

Chemical and physical reactions


Water Cycle


Our Goal

The goal of our science program is to grow each child's ability to solve problems, and become  great thinkers. And of course, having loads of fun while doing so!!

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